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Welcome to the Gallery!

Scroll down to see Extra Art, Fan Art and Guest Strips, Old Art and other cool stuff.

Well, I call it cool, mainly because I can't think of another adjective for it.

Guest Strips

Crooked Halo Fanart Vapor Lock Fanart RFN Guest Strip Fanart
Bungee Jumping! Bungee Jumping! Super Doc Ice!

The Jaded: The Musical!

The Jaded The Musical!!
Lynn Lau's 5 -page masterpiece of a musical. Pidgeon lovers beware!!!

Fan Art

Great stuff made for me by other amazing people!

Manga Jin Fanart Sand & Stone Fanart Star Bored Fanart Purgatory Fanart SDXF Fanart FAUB Fanart S&S Fanart Eight to One Fanart
Emperor of Orphans Fanart Weapons Of Choice Fanart Weapons Of Choice Fanart NeTrek Fanart Pin Fanart Sand and Stone Fanart GS Goodluck Fanart
Jaded 1 year Fanart Mr. Bob for War 8 to 1 Queen of Wands Pin Wallaper Pin Wallaper NeTrek Fanart OOC Fanart Luprand FAUB Srdjan Cortland TLH


Jin/Phalanx in Digital War.

Juno in Dim Bulb Comics.

Jin/Phalanx in Jops' Keenspace Cluedo. (Various Appearances)

Jin/Phalanx in Keenspace Battle Royale. (Various Appearances)

Jin and Juno in Night and Day.

Internal Cameos

Schlock's picture in Page 18 of The Jaded Chapter 1: Four Years Late.

Tormodh (a longtime reader who got me linked by She's a Nightmare) has his avatar on the side of a truck in pages 33 and 35 in The Jaded Chapter 1: Four Years Late.

Train and Seth hang around in Paddington on the last page of Jaded Chapter 1: Four Years Late.

A Count Your Sheep poster hangs on the wall in The Jaded Chapter 2: Footfalls in the Dark. The picture is a unique one, one Adis made specially for me as a Thank You Gift.

Simon decides to take up football (And it's called FOOTBALL, not SOCCER!) in The Jaded Chapter 3: Black Earth.

Ham Luca and Isahn are witnesses in The Jaded Chapter 3: Black Earth.

Stuff I Did For Others

Killroy and Tina Guestart Wandering Ones Guestart Wandering Ones Guestart She's a Nightmare Guestart Fallen Angels Used Books Guestart Lost and Found Guestart Count Your Sheep Guestart Road From Nowhere Guestart Nishichi 27 Guestart Star Bored Guestart Kisai Guestart Mixed Myth Guestart Crooked Halo Guestart Dim Bulb Comics Guestart Gun Street Girl Queen of Wands

The Most Important Question

A 3 page guest story written by Al Schroeder and illustrated by me for Jamie Robertson's Clan of the Cats.

Extras and Stuff to mark Occasions

The Jaded StoryBoards
The storyboards I use to draw the pages of the comic.

The Sketchbook Thread
Random doodles thrown in for fun.

April Fools! 2004
Fanservice?! The Jaded ?! WTF?

'Halloween 2003'
The mercs dress up and Lord Of the Rings characters. Can you guess who goes as who?

'We're Moving'
A picture I did to display when moving websites.

Old Art

Early Samples
Various early samples of The Jaded.

The earlier version of 'Footfalls In the Dark'. Contained Spoilers.
And no, I didn't misspell that.
(30 pages total minus spoiler pages)


You may use these avatars in any forum as long as you give the credit where it's due.
(i.e. point anyone who asks about them back to the comic)

LysAvatar JunoAvatar IceAvatar
Catgirl GnocchiYawn GnocchiSleep JunoWinkSmall

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