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The Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop!

Among the many reasons I started The Jaded was to make myself learn how to run a webcomic. Having been in the same position before, I thought I'd let you in on the things I wish I knew (and needed to know) before I started making a webcomic. Here are the things I learnt while making the Jaded. I hope they will be of use to you.

If they are, sending me an email with just the words 'It helped' would make my day. You don't have to, but it would be nice to know I'm making a difference. Might ;)

Note: Because of the Workshop, I have been given the keys to Keenspace Gear, Keenspace's Official Helpsite. New content will now feature there, but I'm leavin these here. ;)

Keenspace Guides

You've planned, plotted and drawn so many concept drawings that you're ready to puke. You've scripted your story and even done a few pages. You've signed up and gotten your Keenspace account- You just can't wait to show the world your wonderful creations. Armed with your account name and password, you then...

...freeze. You've just realised that you have absolutely no idea what to do next.

Welcome to Keenspace, Cadet! Commodore Phalanx here (Yeah I know... white wig and cutlass, right?), and I'm going to guide you through the steps of getting your Keenspace Account operational. It doesn't matter if you don't know much about computers, are HTML illiterate and have no idea how the Keenspace system works, because these guides will help you get that comic up and running on Keenspace!

11/2/2004 - Keenspace Moves to Butch

Keenspace has moved to a new server (Butch). I'll correct the guides when I have time. In the meantime, remember that the address to FTP now is

A Flowchart of Keenspace
A Flowchart explaning how Keenspace works. Don't understand the system? See here!

Tagtorial/FAQ for New Keenspace Accounts (YDK)
The full forum version of the tagtorial and FAQ, which is ironically more frequently updated.

The Unofficial Keenspace FAQ (For YDK)
Refined from the Forum Version of the FAQ, now in an easy to read format thanks to the Very Fantastic Youlanda.

Phalanx's Simple Barebones Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Keenspace Site Online for Complete Beginners 
The original step-by-step guide I produced in the Keenspace Help Forums. Don't care how the site looks, just want to get that comic up? Well then, this one is for you. Now updated with screenshots!

Keenspace Cadet Crash Course

All you need to know on what you need to do to spruce your comic up, and more!

Navigation Buttons
How to add Navigation Buttons

The Calendar and Big Calendar Archive in one tag
How to add a calendar that contains the links to your comic pages

Adding Text and Comments to Your Comic
How to 'tag' text on to your comic files by date

How to do Storyline Dropdowns
Creating a little drop box for easier story navigation

Breaking out of the Default Template: Giving your site a Facelift
How to turn that uninspiring Default template into something a little more memorable. Sample template included.

Ocean Blue Indextemplate (NEW)
Another sample free-use sample indextemplate following on the success of the Charcoal Indextemplate.

Useful Links

The Keenspace Help Center

The Gear

The Dark Pages


The Comic Tutorial Dropdown

The Jaded is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.

The Jaded, All Characters, stories and website are Ping's and are protected under the copyright law. Smart people don't steal. Original people don't copy.